Zoom all cs guns and weapons

* This plugin enables zooming of weapons. They are grouped by catagory, so one variable changes all
* zoom distance of weapon catagory. The plugin also allows setting a zoom delay, for zooming and
* unzooming. The default values are (prefered) values. You may change as you please, or set your
* custom values in the server.cfg so they are defaulted every map.
* Note: I only included weapons without any zoom, and grouped them by catagory, for better balance.
* Also, do not set the zoom amount less than 0 or to 90, those are normal view, unless you do not
want that weapon catagory to have a zoom.One last thing, the lower the amount, the further the
distance you can see, but be warned, too low gives you the sniper scope thing.
* Commands:
* +zoom - zoom/unzoom the zoomable weapon. (confusing?)
* CVARs:
* zoom_on (Default: 1) -activates/deactivates the plugin completely.
* zoom_delay (Default: 0.4) -sets the delay for zooming/unzooming (must be decimal)
* zoom_pistol (Default: 65) -sets zoom distance for pistols
* zoom_shotgun (Default: 60) -sets zoom distance for shotguns
* zoom_submachinegun (Default: 50) -sets zoom distance for submachine guns
* zoom_rifleone (Default: 45) -sets zoom distance for Galil & Famas only
* zoom_rifletwo (Default: 50) -sets zoom distance for AK47 & M4A1 only
* zoom_machinegun (Default: 55) -sets zoom distance for PARA woot woot
* Requires: AMXX 1.01
* Author: OneEyed
* Date: 07-20-2005
* irc: #zT (gamesurge.net)
* Tested :
* Win32 machine. Linux UNTESTED (should work tho).

Get Plugin or Get Source (zoomgun.sma - 9155 views - 6.4 KB)

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