Counter Strike Scripting Binds

Flash and Warn Script
// Flashbang and Warnalias +warnflash "warnsay; wait; weapon_flashbang; wait; +attack" alias -warnflash "-attack" alias warnsay "say_team Throwing a Flashbang, Take Cover!" bind "q" "+warnflash"
Cross Hair Color Changer
// Crosshair Color Changeralias xhair "adjust_crosshair bind "q" "xhair" 

Defuse Bomb and Cover

// Defuse Bomb and Coveralias +defuse "+use; coverme; say_team I'm defusing the bomb"alias -defuse "-use" bind "d" "+defuse"  

Quick Plant Bomb and cover

// Quick Plant Bomb & Coveralias +bomb "weapon_c4; +duck; wait; +attack; coverme; say_team I'm planting the bomb!"alias -bomb "-duck; -attack" bind "p" "+bomb" 

Reload Stopper

// Reload Stopperalias reloadstop "weapon_knife; wait; wait; wait; wait; lastinv" bind "q" "reloadstop"

Grenade buy and throw

// Grenade Buy & Throwalias +buyhe "hegren; weapon_hegrenade; wait; wait; wait; +attack"alias -buyhe "-attack" bind "q" "+buyhe"
Clean Screen Shot
// Clean Screenshotalias cleanss "ss_on; wait; wait; wait; snapshot; ss_off; wait; wait; wait; developer 1; echo Screenshot Taken; developer 0"alias ss_on "clear; hud_draw 0; cl_observercrosshair 0; crosshair 0; r_drawviewmodel 0; hideradar; net_graph 0; scr_centertime 0"alias ss_off "hud_draw 1; cl_observercrosshair 1; crosshair 1; r_drawviewmodel 1; drawradar; scr_centertime 6" bind "q" "cleanss"

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