Download HLSW Game Server Complete Status

Half Life Server Watch is a powerful gaming- and administration-tool, useful for ambitious gamers and also for professionell server administrators.
From easy connecting to gameservers to live-reporting of a match into an Internet Relay Chat everthing is possible with HLSW. Because HLSW was made by gamers for gamers, main focus was to develop an ergonomic design. With its modular structure and the design of sections it gives you all the necessary information on every part of your gameserver with a single click. Just toggle the rcon section and you are able to administrate your server in a comfortable way within seconds.

But HLSW supports even more: Let your friends know where are you playing and show server's data in messenger programms like ICQ and IRC, so they know where you are playing.

HLSW supports 18 games overall with all their mods, and every update covers the newest games and changes.

HLSW can also start Anti-Cheat clients like Cheating-Death automatically if they are required on the Server.

HLSW filesize: 1.59 MB · filename: hlsw_1_0_0_39_setup.exe

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