CS Recording Assistant V2.3 Plugin


- Designed with recording of cheaters in mind
- Enables a menu from which you can select who to record
- Auto-cycles through players if autocycle is on to get to the player you are recording
- Notifies [other] admins of who you are recording
- Creates a "recording session" so that multiple people don't record the same person
- Automatically ends recording and tells you when the player leaves
- Automatically names the demo from the user's steam id and the date (in unix timestamp) so you never get duplicates
- Automatically forces an sb_status and a status (doesn't matter if you don't have the sb plugin on)
- Shows you a pretty hud message at the top with who you are recording, whether autocycle is on or off and whether it is currently cycling or if the user is dead.


Extract .amxx to plugins directory, add plugin to plugins.ini
Restart server/map change.

Client Commands

a3_record - Brings up menu of players to record
a3_stop - Stops recording and leaves recording session
a3_ac or say /ac - Toggles autocycle of players

Server CVARS

a3r_revcycle <0|1> - Reverses the way plugin cycles through players (1 reverses)
a3r_autocycle <0|1> - Sets autocycling on/off. On by default.

Get Plugin or Get Source (a3_record.sma - 1675 views - 8.6 KB)
a3ra_amxx .zip (14.7 KB, 1421 views)

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