CS 1.6 Buy Weapon Zoom

With this plugin, players can buy the AUG's zoom on any weapon (and remove it) with two short commands. After the player dies or the round ends, it is automatically removed.

say /zoom - Set zoom on player.
say /remove - Remove the zoom.

amxx_zoom_cost "500" // Set the zoom cost (default 500).

Extract .amxx file to your plugins folder, and add its name to plugins.ini
For the proper functioning of the plugin, download the Multilingual File (.txt) and put it in data\lang.

v1.0 - First release.
v1.1 - Added multilingual support.
v1.2 - Fixed small bug when you die and added a help motd.
v1.2.1 - Fixed again the death's bug, optimization of the code (thanks Exolent) and added some minor stuff. Also, fixed the Spanish translation, because I wrote bad (duh).
v1.2.2 - Plugin updated by joaquimandrade's way.
v1.2.3 - Removed useless stuff.
v1.2.4 - Fixed ML functions, all thanks to arkshine & danielkza.
.: Misc Stuff :.

Get Plugin or Get Source (buy_zoom.sma - 1960 views - 2.0 KB)
buy_zoom.txt (6.3 KB, 814 views)

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