Counter Strike Random Player model

With this plugin every round all players get random players models! In 1.1 you can set if you want to be models restricted to teams or not.

v1.1 < v1.0 - Restrict models to be for CT/T only. - Renamed plugin from "RandomModels" to "RandomPlayerModels" Todo - CVar for display hudmessage/chatmessage Code: /* AMXModX Plugin RandomPlayerModels 1.1 ------------ By: Ywa*NL E-mail/MSN:
Description: On every new round everyone get a random player model.
You can change the random models to your own.
It will precache the models too.
In this version you can restrict models to be for CT/T team.

amx_randmodels (Default 1)

- Create a file and read from there the model names.

Get Plugin or Get Source (randomplayermodels.sma - 1339 views - 3.5 KB)

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