Max Payne Effect in CS 1.6

When you fire the awp, it will chase the bullet, as seen in the video game "Max Payne". It will force the camera to follow the bullet in real time.

Well it's not quite real time yet but its interesting. It's kinda beta right now, as I would like to speed up the bullet. It goes relatively slow right now, but I need PM's help implementing anglevelocity functions in the file.

You may want to set the following cvars in your amxx.cfg for optimal performance:
MPZ_velocity 6000
sv_maxvelocity 6000

The plugin has the following customizable cvars should you want to set them.

MPZ_active 1 // will turn on or off the plugin (1 = on, 0 = off)
MPZ_zoomONhs // will only zoom in on Headshot kills when set to 1, otherwise it will zoom in on all kills
MPZ_awp // awps will zoom in with this set to 1
MPZ_scout // scouts will zoom in with this set to 1

Get Plugin or Get Source (MPZ.sma - 8147 views - 3.1 KB)

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