CS 1.6 Weapon Zoom Plugin

Counter Strike 1.6 amx mod plugin Weapon Zoom.
This Plugin let you zoom in all weapons

  1. weapon_zoom
  2.  <weapon shortname> <delay> <maxspeed> <zoom1> [zoom2(optional)]
    1. Delay
    2.  : delay to add when weapon will be usable after zoom : default cs seems to be 0.3
    3. MaxSpeed : maxspeed a player can gain when the weapon is zoomed (put 0 to keep normal speed, unless you alter a sniper zoom)
    4. Zoom1 : 0-90 First zoom value. Default : aug and krieg552 : 55 , snipers 40
    5. Zoom2 : 0-90 Second zoom, put 90 for no 2nd zoom. Default: snipers : 15, Awp : 10
  3. weapon_unzoom <weapon shortname>

Weapons shortnames are :
  1. p228
  2. scout
  3. hegrenade
  4. xm1014
  5. c4
  6. mac10
  7. aug
  8. smokegrenade
  9. elite
  10. fiveseven
  11. ump45
  12. sg550
  13. galil
  14. famas
  15. usp
  16. glock18
  17. awp
  18. mp5navy
  19. m249
  20. m3
  21. m4a1
  22. tmp
  23. g3sg1
  24. flashbang
  25. deagle
  26. sg552
  27. ak47
  28. knife
  29. p90

For weapons that already have a 2nd attack, such as knife, usp/m4a1(Silencer), glock/famas(burst mode), you also need to press use(E) button in order to zoom

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  1. how to use this plugin..?
    O.O) ?

  2. How to use this plugin is not the right question, how to install is the question :)
    and installation is same as all plugins
    you better read this
    it will help you.

    Still not sure what to do then,
    contact: info@cstrikeplanet.tk

  3. Okay...
    I'm Reading It...

  4. Thanks For The Help..
    Its Working Fine For Others..
    Still Trying To Figure Out How To Zoom In M4A1,FAMAS,USP45,GLOCK18..

  5. Nothing to worry you can still try other same Plugin

  6. And the guns you mentioned contains special use in right click like silencer or burst mode, so for this purpose you have to bind some other keys, but just forget about it and try other plugin..

  7. And Thanks Again!!!
    The Other Plugin Work Perfectly..


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