CS 1.6 Spawn Plugins

Spawn Origins Collector v0.1.0

- Description -
Gets the number of spawns and it's origins based on command's limiter.

- Command -
"Limiter" means the number of spawns that you would like to get.
Note that the number should be number + 1, so if you want to get 32 spawns you should type 33.
The command will log the stuff and will show data in admin's console.

- Notes -
I've no idea if a plugin like this was made before, hope it doesn't. Also I hope this will be useful for someone because I needed it for a private plugin.
Anyway I'm open to suggestions to make this better.

Get Plugin or Get Source (SpawnOriginsCollector.sma - 402 views - 2.2 KB)

Spawn Damage Preventer v0.1.1

- Description -
This plugin avoids getting damage from team mates based on a simple idea: if the victim is in his/her buy zone (assuming it's located near player's spawn) the victim won't recieve any damage from his/her teammates.
This plugin was created for servers with friendly fire activated, just for avoid those stupid players who hit/kill team mates to annoy.

- Modules -
CStrike, HamSandwich

- Changelog -
- Version: 0.1.1 (January 10, 2010)
* Updated to try to avoid most bugs about getting user's team.

- Version: 0.1.0 (January 9, 2010)
* First public release.
- Download -
Get Plugin or Get Source (SpawnDamagePreventer.sma - 893 views - 964 Bytes

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