Counter Strike Ninja Defuse

Tips for counter strike ninja defuse,
Ninja defuse is a best trick to win the round, What actually ninja defuse is that you defuse the bomb just like a ghost by not spotting yourself to the terrorist, This does need a lot of practice but some basic tips for newbies who want to try this technique are:
find a spot to camp within or near the bomb site and also measure the time you take to walk from that spot to the bomb planting area, because that is something important, mostly the ninja defuse happens at the last few seconds of bomb when terrorist are leaving or running away from the bomb as they are expecting it to get blasted, do not get spotted by enemy during the whole round, once you are spotted then the camp is of no use, buy a kit and 2 flashes, also practice to throw the flash nade effectively and also practice to play even when you are flash, go beyond the expectations.
an example:

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