Weapon Table

NameCostClip CostClip CapacityMax ClipsCalibreClassTeamBA BHSA HSLayers2nd FireNotes
Knife Slash$0$0N/AN/AN/AMeleeBoth ??N/A ??N/A0StabNot affected by Armour
Knife Stab$0$0N/AN/AN/AMeleeBoth ??N/A ??N/A0N/ANot affected by Armour, Alternate Stab to Back of opponent will kill with a single blow even with full health
H&K USP .45 Tactical$500$25129.45PistolBoth4822-30SilencerDefault Pistol for Counter-Terrorists. Silencer adds approximately 1-2 shots required for kill
Glock 18 Select Fire$400$202059mmPistolBoth61022-30Burst FireDefault Pistol for Terrorists. Burst Fire is pretty deadly at close quarter combat, but useless at range
SIG P228$600$??? ??? ???.357PistolBoth46120NoneBasically a stronger USP in terms of accuracy, maybe a touch more random
Desert Eagle .50 AE$650$4077.50PistolBoth33111NoneIs random for Head Shots but fairly accurate for body, which makes it deadly when whole team is firing
FN Five-Seven$750$??? ??? ???5.7x28mmPistolCT's69220NoneDeadly Accurate, but weak for a gun you have to pay for
Dual Beretta 96G$800$203059mmPistolT's48120None ???
Benneli M3 Super90$1700$808512 GaugeShotGunBoth1-21-2110NoneKills Full Armour with 1 shot to body if close enough
Benneli XM1014$3000$808512 GaugeAuto ShotGunBoth22-3 ??? ???0NoneFast Firing Shot Gun, but does less damage
Steyr Tactical$1250$203049mmMachine PistolCT's ??? ??? ??? ???0None ???
Ingram MAC-10$1400$25303.45Sub-Machine GunT's58130NoneAim at body and let recoil create the HeadShot
H&K MP5-Navy$1500$203049mmSub-Machine GunBoth510230NoneAim for head pull trigger until clip empty
H&K UMP$1700$80253.45Sub-Machine GunBoth4 ???1 ???0NoneVery Accurate with hardly any recoil
FN P90$2350$505025.7x28mmSub-Machine GunBoth6 ???2 ???0NoneDoes not share ammo with AWP even though officially it's the same round, uses the 5.7x28mm round which is the same as the Five-Seven
Galil / Defender$2000$60353.308RifleBoth44121NoneShares Ammo with any other 5.56 Calibre Guns Despite what it officially says. An AK is worth the extra $500 if you have the money to spare and can aim
FAMAS / Clarion$2250$602535.56RifleCT's441213 Shot BurstThe 3 shot burst is deadly at long range since the grouping is usually very tight. Personally I'm surprised that it is not more popular considering the price difference between it and the Colt
AK-47$2500$803037.62RifleT's33111NoneAim First then shoot. Spray and pray when close quarters since it shreds anything it hits
Colt M4A1 Carbine$3100$603035.56RifleCT's44121SilencerAim First then shoot. Silencer does less damage and makes the crosshair bigger, which may make the gun less accurate. Use Silencer to shoot without giving away location, or to hear when you are hitting opposition through walls
Steyr AUG$3500$603035.56RifleCT's44121Single ZoomAccuracy is good unzoomed. Single shots when zoomed as recoil messes up aim badly
Sig SG-552 Commando$3500$603035.56RifleT's44121Single ZoomAccuracy is good unzoomed. Single shots when zoomed as recoil messes up aim badly. This gun is preferred by aimbotters because of the recoil pattern it exhibits when it is used with an aimbot
Steyr Scout$2750$801097.62SniperBoth22112Double ZoomThe scout is extremely quiet when fired. You are just as fast moving with a scout as a pistol. Do you really need 90 rounds of Scout Ammo?
AI Arctic Warfare / Magnum$4750$125103.338SniperBoth11112Double Zoom1 shot kills except to leg and opponent has more than approx 80% health left
Sig SG-550 Sniper$4200$603035.56Auto SniperCT's44111Double ZoomWaste of Money. Basically a Colt with Zoom capability. Unless you score a HeadShot you are going to need to put 3 bullets minimum on target to score a kill with this weapon, which is easier said than done!
H&K G3/SG-1$5000$802037.62Auto SniperT's22111Double ZoomNot bad now, 2 shots kills, basically an automatic Scout with a 20 round clip. Deadly accurate moving and unzoomed. If anything, probably less accurate zoomed than it is unzoomed considering the bullets should be landing on that little red dot on your screen
FN M249 Para$5750$???10025.56Machine GunBoth33111NoneNot bad as a single shot weapon but spray is bad, and forget about hitting anything while moving. Amusement / Humiliation use only, since there are better things you can spend $6000 on
FlashBang Grenades$200N/AN/A2N/AGrenadeBothN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ATemporarily blinds everyone in the vicinity. Bounce off walls/boxes to place in correct location
HE Grenade$300N/AN/A1N/AGrenadeBoth23-41-21-21N/AHigh Explosive Grenade. Explosive effects more pronounced in enclosed spaces. Bounce off walls/boxes to place in correct location
Smoke Grenades$300N/AN/A1N/AGrenadeBothN/AN/AN/AN/A1N/AReleases grey smoke for cover. Bounce off walls/boxes to place in correct location
Kevlar Vest$650N/AN/AN/AN/AEquipmentBothN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AProtects chest region. Is effective so long as you have armour
Kevlar Vest & Helmet$1000N/AN/AN/AN/AEquipmentBothN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AProtects chest and head. Is effective so long as you have armour. The little round circle in the Armour icon tells you that you have a Helmet, although this is bugged sometimes and you do have a helmet even though the icon says you do not
Night Vision Goggles$1250N/AN/AN/AN/AEquipmentBothN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AEnhances vision in darkness. For most people, a complete waste of $1250!!
Defuse Kit$200N/AN/A1N/AEquipmentCT'sN/AN/AN/AN/A1N/AUsed to defuse the bomb quicker. Available to Counter-Terrorists Only, On Bomb Maps Only. Reduces Bomb Defuse time from 10 Seconds to 5 Seconds

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