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SK-Gaming Counter-Strike 1.6 GUI

Their Clam:
If you’re looking for an SK-Gaming Counter-Strike 1.6 GUI then you are in for a treat. After weeks of hard work, we have finally got the first ever official SK-Gaming GUI for CS 1.6.
who don’t already know who Schroet Kommando (SK) are, they are the world’s leaders in professional gaming and have won tournaments everywhere across the globe, from Counter-Strike 1.6, they have teams that specialise in and compete in global tournaments and often-times they win.
After we at Style it Like a Gamer noticed SK have never had an official Counter-Strike 1.6 GUI, we took action to bring you this beautifully presented GUI – as you can see from the image to the left.
This brilliant work you see before you was crafted and customised by tomorrow, who is renowned and highly praised for his excellent work, particularly with Counter-Strike.
Note: You can load your favourite SK players’ config simply by pressing H whilst in-game and choosing your preferredconfig – for more information see the README.txt

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