Reader's Choice Results: Interstellar, Top Sci-Fi Movies, and More!

Last week, I asked you to vote in the Reader's Choice picks, so here are the results! In first place is my review of Interstellar followed by The Fault in Our Stars. Top 25 Sci-Fi Movies received the most votes for my Top lists so that will kick off starting tomorrow! Various other reviews received one vote, including Night of the Living Dead and 12 Angry Men, so if I can get those reviewed polished up for posting, I will post those as well. Recently, I watched last year’s critically acclaimed Nightcrawler, which I will review soon as well. If you have yet to vote, please click here to vote in the comments! The following is a rough lineup; however, it is subject to change when I go see Inside Out later this week.
Tuesday: Top 25 Sci-Fi Movies
Wednesday: Movie Music and More
Thursday: Interstellar Review (or Inside Out Reaction)
Friday: Top 25 Sci-Fi Movies: Part 2 (or Inside Out Review)

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