Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer Review/Reaction

A new Doctor Who season/series 9 trailer has dropped! And, as expected, the season appears to be showing a darker side of the Doctor. I do, however, have on a big problem.... *Season 8 Spoilers* Missy is back. Of course, no one expected the Master to be actually dead, but why does she have to return so soon? When something like a "death" of a main villain happens in the series, usually they do not return for a couple of seasons, so why? Other than that, the trailer showed creatures new and old, like the Zygon and Dalek. The Doctor's hair is a bit messy, so I wonder if that will be his new look. Game of Thrones actor, Maisie Williams, appears at the end of the trailer, and fans of that franchise definitely seem to be excited.

Last season was a bit mixed, but until we actually see the new season, there is no reason to speculate on the quality. My only wish is that Moffat would hand the series off to someone else for season 10, since it seems that his big ideas have run dry. However, I am looking forward to his usually stellar creepy episodes. What do you think? Please comment below and let me know, and continue to check back for more movie and Comic-Con news.

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