Peanuts 2015 Official Trailer Review

Yet another promising trailer is here with the Peanuts! Peanuts is based on the popular comic strip of the name, although many know it more for Snoopy and Charlie Brown, the main characters of the comic. I have enjoyed the comic strip ever since childhood, so I am actually interested to see if this can capture the fun of the original comic. What also interests me is the unique art style. It looks like a blend of 3D, stop-motion, and the original comic strip. The use of textures is also unique and interesting to create a look different than the norm. As for the trailer itself, the use of The Who's song, "Baba O'Riley," and DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win," stars with a good nostalgic tone and "All I Do Is Win" takes it for a comedic twist. The characters all seem to be the same ones that I grew up with, so let’s hope the humor will be just as good as well. What do you think of the trailer? For me, this is one of the only animated films that I might want to watch this year, what about you?

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