Martin Freeman Cast in Captain America: Civil War

Martin Freeman from Sherlock and The Hobbit has been cast in Captain America: Civil War, the upcoming Captain America film that takes place in the aftermath of Age of Ultron. According to, Martin Freeman might be playing "Everett K. Ross, a U.S. State Department official and expert on all matters related to Wakanda." Wakanda is the fictional African country that the Black Panther is from in the comics, and Black Panther will be introduced in Civil War. Therefore, one would assume that Freeman will play a role in Panther's movie as well. However, other rumors have speculated that Freeman might even play Uncle Ben, the uncle of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man (not that everyone did not already know this). Of course, both of these are just rumors, but what has been essentially confirmed is that Freeman will play a part in the MCU, and as a fan of the actor, that is never a bad thing. If Cumberbatch would officially sign onto the role of Doctor Strange, we might just have yet another Cumberbatch/Freeman team up, haha. Either way, I am excited to see who he plays. Maybe, Freeman will be like Coulson to Black Panther's character, which could be interesting. 

Please note that I am still trying to go see Age of Ultron, but there have been some complications in my personal life delaying my viewing of it. However, I hope to finally see it tonight or at least by the end of the week.

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