Attack on Titan Live-Action Movie Trailer

Attack on Titan is an upcoming sci-fi/fantasy dystopian action film coming out later this year. Much like last year's Edge of Tomorrow, Attack on Titan is based on a Japanese comic book, referred to as a manga, and from the looks of the trailer, it is rather impressive.

Considering this is foreign film, the special effects are not bad. They might not be Hollywood level, but it is certain better than most. Thankfully, Madman Entertainment has now uploaded this official English subtitle version of the trailer, so that we know what they are saying. 

A few various things about the trailer bother me, but, for the most part, I hope this turns out well. Also, hopefully, the film will receive a wide North America release, so that I will be able to see it. 

What do you think of the trailer? It will be interesting to know what those not familiar with the source material will think of it, as well as fans.

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