Fantastic Four Trailer 2 Review

The trailers keep coming with Fantastic Four. Something about this film just feels right. Josh Trank's direction is visually intriguing and different than other comic book films. It feels like a sci-fi flick that happens to have superheroes in it, and as much as I would love to see a MCU take on the F4, this is an exciting direction as well. With a cast that includes, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, and Kate Mara, how could the acting be anything less than Fantastic (yeah, I went there). The character all seem more real than expected, and while it still somewhat fits within the X-Men verse, it is very different than expected. The CGI, especially for the Thing, stills needs some work, as it appears to be below average for a superhero flick. Otherwise, I am starting to get hyped for the film!

My main issue is that Victor Domashev, aka Doctor Doom, is yet again directly connected to the F4's origin, instead of being a ruler of a country, just like the previous film. Doctor Doom is one of Marvel's more notable villains. He is even credited as one of the inspirations for Darth Vader, and yet we have not seen a good version of the character. Hopefully, Toby Kebbell can deliver an interesting take on the character.

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While the trailer looks great, this poster is kind of awful. It looks like a cheap fan photoshopped one.

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