The Librarians Season 1 Review

The Librarians is a spinoff of TNT's Librarian TV movie trilogy, which is set in a modern day world where the general public does not know that magic actually exists, and, and in a very Warehouse 13 meets Indiana Jones way, the Librarian must recovers magical artifacts to protect the world from evil. The Librarians series takes place after the trilogy of movies, and instead of focusing on main character from the trilogy, Flynn Carsen, the series is about the new generation of Librarians and their guardian, who is essentially the muscle to the Librarians' smarts. However, watching the movies is not necessary to understanding the series.
Plot: 7.0/10- The Librarians is an episodic series with each episode focusing on a different magical artifact from legend. However, what sets the series apart from the rest is the tone. The Librarians is unashamedly campy, and as such, never takes itself too seriously, and somehow, it actually works. Despite almost every episode featuring a couple of really dumb moments of bad writing, due to the lighthearted tone, the poor writing is surprisingly forgivable. With that said, the series can have moments of seriousness, which work rather well.

Characterization: 7.9/10- The characters in the series are not all that deep or complex, but they are fun and likable. The chemistry between the members of the team is what makes the series fun to watch. However, the villains are a bit too corny for their own.

Acting: 7.0/10- Despite the corny tone, the actors manage to playoff of the ridiculous situations well, especially Noah Wyle, who makes appearances from time to time. Also, special mention should go to Bruce Campbell for playing an exceptionally fun version of Santa Claus.
Special effects: 4.2/10- The Librarians' special effects use the campiness of the series to get away with some seriously low budget effects. At times, the special effects are not bad for television, but other times, they are terrible to the point of hilarity, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Humor: 8.2/10- The series is not a comedy. With that said, there are plenty of laughs throughout as expected with a series of its nature.

Entertainment Value: 8.7/10- The Librarians' best aspect is its sheer amount of fun it is to watch. Sure, the campy tone may be a turn off for some, but you like to sit back and enjoy some old school fun, then The Librarians is likely to entertain you.

Overall: 7.9/10- The Librarians is one of those rare modern television series that never takes itself too seriously, yet not to the point of parody or comedy, because it acknowledges its campiness, while not winking to the audience. It might not blow you away with the story or characters, but as an incredibly entertaining weekly romp, The Librarians is a complete success!

Watch if you like: Campy fun, Fantasy, Warehouse 13, Indiana Jones,

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