Mr. Holmes Trailer Review

Mr. Holmes, the most recent Sherlock Holmes adaptation that is set to hit theaters later this year, is a film that follows an elderly version of the famed detective as his ingenious mind begins to fade. My initial impression of this teaser is that it going to be more of a character piece rather than a classic Sherlock mystery, and while the trailer makes the film appear to be almost Oscar Bait, if executed well, Mr. Holmes could be brilliant take on the classic detective. Sir Ian McKellen plays the titular hero, and if you are going to cast an elderly Holmes, there is absolutely no one better for the role. Bill Condon directs the film, as well as co-writes the screenplay, and he has won Academy Awards for screenplays, so he is a proven and capable filmmaker. The film is based on the novel A Slight Trick of the Mind by Mitch Cullin, and while I have not read it, it is generally considered to be one of the better Sherlock stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did not write. Oddly enough, the film has already been screened in Berlin to generally positive reviews, so maybe this is already an Oscar contender. Even though an Oscar winning drama is great and all, I am hoping that the film's mystery will be engaging and worth solving to go along with the dramatic character elements. Other than that, I will have to wait for either another trailer or reviews from more trusted sources before deciding on my opinion of the film; after all, this is only a teaser trailer. What did you think of it? Please comment below and let me know. Also, do not forget to check back tomorrow for my review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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