The 87th Oscars are Tonight!

The Academy Awards, where snobs and "critics" get together to award the most Oscar bait worthy films of the year, and the winners are revealed tonight at the 87th Oscars. All jokes aside, although my opinion of the Academy is not necessarily positive, I do not agree with them most of the time, or at least not since The Return of the King won Best Picture. However, I generally agree the Academy's picks during the 90s, 70s, and in the past. Anyway, tonight is the Oscars, and even though I do not plan to watch them, I will be interested to see the winners. However, I am surprised that Gone Girl only received one nomination, which was for Rosamund Pike in Best Actress in a Leading Role. Fincher should have been nominated for Best Director and maybe even Cinematography. With that said, if Rosamund Pike does not win, it will be the biggest mistake of the Oscars of the year; well, except for certain a snubbing, which I will get to in a minute. She was incredible in her role, and speaking of Gone Girl, look for my review of that film on Tuesday.
As for the snub, how the heck did The Lego Movie not get nominated for Best Animated Feature!? Seriously, almost everyone loved it, so tell why it was not nominated!? It was nominated for Best Original Song with "Everything is Awesome," yet it failed to be nominated for Animated Feature! Yes, I have read the reasons for it getting snubbed in Variety's article, but even Rotten Tomatoes rated it higher than any other animated film last year, so there is really no excuse. With that said, at least The Tale of the Princess Kaguya was nominated. Despite being one of Studio Ghibli's weaker efforts, maybe it can win to make up for the last year's travesty of Frozen beating The Wind Rises. 
Obviously, the Academy did not nominate any of the amazing blockbusters except for Best Visual Effects, but it is not like that is ever going to happen.

What do you think of the nominations and snubs? Please comment below and let me know, and be sure to check back Tuesday for my review of Gone Girl.

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