Legend of Korra: Battle of Zaofu Review

After my hiatus from Legend of Korra reviews, I have returned with a review for "Battle of Zaofu."

*Spoilers Ahead*
After Kuvira threatens to take Zaofu by force, Suyin takes a strike team to eliminate Kuvira, and are then captured. Since it is difficult for me to write much and that this is a spoiler review, therefore you know what happened in the episode, I will not reiterate much about the plot in these following episode reviews. 

My initial impression of "Battle of Zaofu" is that is a very solid episode of the Legend of Korra. Finally, Kuvira and Korra face off in the best battle of the season. Season four has had some good fights, but none are even close to this one with Korra entering the Avatar State, yet still getting beaten down by Kuvira. Thus far, Kuvira is one bad*ss antagonist, yet she is not entirely evil either, so it makes her a little more complex. Her Bending style is unique and very interesting to watch in comparison to Korra's Bending style, but seeing an all out barrage of the four elements by Korra was great as well. Also, the music during the battle amplified the feeling of desperation after Korra's defeat to an excellent degree. 

The rest of the episode focused on Bolin and Varrick making an escape, and it proved to be Varrick's best episode by far. After being a coward a lot of the time when anything dangerous happened, Varrick was actually ready to die to stop Kuvira from creating the super weapon. That is a great character moment for him. Plus, his line "that gut Varrick-ed himself because some girl Zhu-Li-ed" was hilarious!

Also, the one scene with Suyin's emo son teaching the kids to paint was funny. 

Overall: 8.7/10- "Battle of Zaofu" is an entertaining and action heavy episode that is finally moving the plot forward, plus it gives Varrick some great character moments. 

Please check back tomorrow for my review of the next episode.

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