Legend of Korra: Korra Alone Review

With the first episode of the season catching the audience up on what has happened to all of the characters, except Korra, "Korra Alone" follows Korra during the three years after the events of last season. 
Before going into spoilers about the episode, "Korra Alone" is easily the best episode of television that I have seen from the fall TV season. It explores Korra's inner struggle and PSD after what happened in the season three finale. Much like "Zuko Alone," which is one of more notable episodes from the Avatar series, "Korra Alone" displays a similar degree of sophistication and character complexity that Korra's character needed. 
As always, the production value is top notch with its usual stunning animation. Korra's character design is my only small complaint about the episode in general because it does not seem different enough compared to the other characters. However, she did appear to be altered in a few ways.                                                                                                  What made "Korra Alone" different than some other episodes is how it was able to make the audience feel the emotional journey Korra went through in the three years in a mere 20 minutes. It is truly a masterpiece of storytelling, and one the best Legend of Korra episodes to date.

Overall 9.8/10- "Korra Alone" is a masterpiece of a character focused episode that explores Korra's inner struggle, as well as providing the audience is an unexpected cameo. 

*Spoilers for the episode are ahead*
 We finally get to see Toph! Even though Korra said something about Toph in the trailer, I actually forgot all about the trailer while watching the episode, so I was shocked when that old woman turned around to reveal that she is Toph. It even gave me chills! As a massive Toph fan, it is great to finally see another member of the original Avatar cast make appearances in the series. She was mentioned last season, so it was only a matter of time before she had at least a cameo. Fingerscrossed that we will get a flashback to the original Team Avatar as adults! Also, does anyone know how Avatar Aang died? He was younger than Zuko, yet he still lives.

Aside from Toph, Korra seeing the Avatar State version of herself is an intriguing idea. Watching Korra trying to recover from her paralysis and then having to battle her inner self provided a compelling conflict for the episode. However, what exactly is this other version of herself that is haunting her? The little spirit guy, who was mildly annoying, was able to see it, so it was not entirely in her head. A lot of the episode actually reminded me of the Cave from the Empire Strikes Back where Luke entered and saw the Darth Vader version of himself. 

Now that the series has set all of the pieces in motion, what direction will they take? I am excited to find out.

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