Fate/stay night Trailer and Explanation

Out of all the television series of 2014, there is absolutely nothing that I have been more excited for than Ufotable's remake of Fate/stay night. Fate/stay night is both a sequel to the incredible Fate/Zero series, and a remake of the original Fate/stay night, except with amazing animation, as well as taking the story in a different direction. If you have Netflix, or access to Hulu, Fate/Zero is an absolute must-watch, even if anime is not your thing (unless you are sensitive to violence) and if you are still not convinced, check out my review by clicking here. Now that you know how much you need to watch Fate/Zero, I will explain how Fate/stay night fits in with the rest of the Fate universe, without spoiling anything.
Fate/stay night originally started out as a visual novel (and an H-game). If you are not familiar with visual novels, it is like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" novel, except with visual artwork and voice acting. Most visual novels have different story "routes" depending on your choices, and they usually involve romancing different female characters in the game. For example, back in 2006, Studio Deen created an adaptation of Fate/stay night, which took the "Fate" route, mostly involving the characters Saber and Shirou Emiya. However, the original Fate/stay night is said to be fairly mediocre compared to Fate/Zero, which is one of the reasons that I have avoided it, and the other is not to spoil what happens in this upcoming remake. Ufotable's upcoming remake of Fate/stay night is going to take the Unlimited Blade Works route featuring Rin Tohsaka and Archer (Studio Deen did create a rushed adaptation of the route a few years ago). Additionally, Ufotable is creating a film about the third route, Heaven's Feel, which will be released sometime this year or early in the next (trailer below). My only concern about Fate/stay night is that Gen Urobuchi does not have a hand in the writing like he did with Fate/Zero, which was based on his novel. However, some of the creative team from Fate/Zero are returning, so there is definitely hope that it can reach similar heights.
Now that you know about the Fate series, be sure to watch Fate/Zero and be ready for the upcoming Fate/stay night remake. Providing enough people are watching the series, I might decide to review each episode as it airs. If you are already familiar with the Fate franchise, be sure to check out the Kara no Kyōkai film series, which takes place in the same universe. Also, please check back Monday for my Fall Anime Preview, and tomorrow for my Log Horizon review.

Below is the trailer for the Heaven's Feel movie.

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