The First Female Superhero Movie Is....

We will finally get our first solo female superhero movie, and it is not coming from who you think. Sony, who owns the Spider-Man universe, is planning to launch the first superhero movie starring a female lead! As for which character the film will revolve around is not certain yet. The film will be released in 2017, but the exact date is not set either. Considering the properties and characters Sony owns, the most likely options include, Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Firestar, and Silk, all of whom I will discuss below.

Black Cat
Black Cat is an anti-hero that sometimes teams up with Spider-Man, while other times she is Spidey's enemy. She has a few similar elements to DC's Catwoman in that Black Cat is a "cat burglar." Traditionally, Black Cat does not have any powers other than fighting skill, an Olympic class physique, and a few gadgets. However, in some versions, Black Cat is said to have the ability to cause attackers bad luck like jamming guns, tripping pursuers, ect. She is the most notable female character in the Spider-Man universe outside of Peter's girlfriends. Felicity Jones played a character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 referred to as Felicia (Harry's assistant), and the secret identity of Black Cat is Felicia Hardy, who Jones was rumored to play in the first place, so maybe Jones will play Black Cat in her own feature film. Regardless of who plays the character, expect to see Black Cat in the upcoming Sinister Six film in 2016 (if she is going to get her own film). Also, out of the candidates, Black Cat is the most likely. Also, Black Cat is one of Peter's romantic interests, and if Amazing Spider-Man 3 decides to not go the Mary Jane route, developing Black Cat in her movie and then making her a supporting character like Black Widow in The Winter Soldier could turn out brilliantly.

Despite her name, Spider-Woman almost has nothing to do with Spider-Man. In fact, the original Spider-Woman started as an Avenger and was created by a HYDRA experiment, and her powers barely resemble those of Spider-Man. Since she started in the Avengers, chances are she is owned by Disney/Marvel, which means that Sony probably cannot use her. However, in the alternate Ultimate universe, Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, is a female clone of Spider-Man/Peter Parker himself, so that could be another intriguing route the writers could go.
Ultimate Spider-Woman, aka Peter Parker Clone.

In an alternate universe where Peter Parker loses his leg in a fight with the Green Goblin, he retires and settles down with MJ, and after having a child, May "Mayday" Parker, she discovers that she has superhuman powers as well. If there is a movie adaptation, she would likely have a much different origin story, and the chances of a real movie about the character being made is unlikely at best, albeit to the dismay of her fans.

Introduced in the old 70s "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" TV series, Firestar, along with Iceman and Spider-Man, starred in a cartoon that I loved as a kid, even if it is terrible by today's standards. Technically, Firestar is a mutant, so the rights to the characters are probably blurred. Honestly, I really do not see a Firestar movie a possibility

Slik is a recent character introduced to the comics, and according to what I have read, her origins are relatively unknown other than she was also bitten by a radioactive spider. Considering that the character is new, I do not see a Silk movie in the works, but she does look cool though.

Other possibilities include Silver Saber, a female Doctor Octopus, and a few others.

What do you think of Sony making a film starring a Female Lead? Please comment below and let me know!

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