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Welcome again everyone! Hope you had a good month of July, both at the movies and in normal life! The month of July was an unusual one with regards to an odd lack of HUGE releases, but there were still some gems nonetheless! The average for this month was 8.0 which, interestingly enough, was the exact same as the average of the past three years.

Let's recap shall we? Click the clickable titles for the Rath's Review.

Deliver Us From Evil: This was a movie that was praised for being a strong combination of horror and cop drama, but I'm not sure too many people who saw it even remember that they saw it a month later. Seems like the consensus was that it was a decent one-time view.
Tammy: Count on Americans to make stupid comedies a lot of money. Tammy looked pretty dull from the trailers and I didn't laugh once during them. Some enjoyed it for its stupidity, but again, it looks like it ended up being pretty forgettable.
Snowpiercer: SURPRISE! Instead of seeing the two average films above, I opted to go to one of the fancier theaters around Denver to see this delightful film. It's first 20 minutes are rough, but the film shines and only gets better as it goes on. A truly original film and a strong addition to the sci-fi genre. (Rath's Review Score: 9.5/10)
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: The apes did it again as they far surpassed my waning expectations. I should have learned my lesson from the first strong entry, but Dawn made my low amounts of hype look foolish. It's a stellar epic that will help the industry make some significant leaps forward in motion capture technology. Since its release some have been placing it in the same ranks as The Dark Knight and The Empire Strikes Back. I definitely wouldn't go that far, but it's awesome regardless. (RRS: 9/10) 
The Purge: Anarchy: This is one of those movies you will see on TV some day, watch it, and most likely be indifferent to it. While I haven't seen the first Purge, it seems that this one was A LOT better than it as it took more of a thriller approach rather than a horror one. And it delved into the premise of the film quite a bit which I gave it points for. Still nothing special though. (RRS: 6/10)
Sex Tape: I called this one last month as a dud and it seems I was right. Both commercially and critically, the movie didn't resonate. Sad to see given that Diaz and Segal are pretty talented comedians. Maybe they should choose their scripts better next time?
Lucy: Many people got way too caught up in the science of the film, which is pretty inaccurate. But for what it's worth, Lucy is a swift and fun diversion at the movies. I just wish it would have had more purpose behind it. (RRS: 7.5/10)
Hercules: I shouldn't have liked the film as much as I did but for me it just worked due to its different take on the story and well choreographed battle scenes. In all honesty though it's quite cliched and at the end of the day, nothing special. Just turns out that I had a blast watching it. (RRS: 8/10)
Step Up: All In: Turns out that this one's release date actually got pushed to August which isn't a good sign, and most likely the final nail in the coffin. Despite my soft spot for the previous installments, consider this one officially off my radar, especially given how busy August is.
Boyhood: Other critics would have you believe that this is the single best film of all time. It's not. But its experimental nature (it was filmed over a 12 year period) and ability to live in the mundane give it a special magic of its own. Worth seeing if nothing else to see what effect it has on you. (RRS: 8.5/10)

Most Surprising: Snowpiercer
Most Disappointing: Tie between Lucy and Boyhood, although both were minimal disappointments
Worst Film: That I saw? The Purge: Anarchy. But there were worse films that came out this month
Best Film: Snowpiercer

There's your July recap! Feel free to go check out my reviews and leave comments with YOUR opinions!

Now let's dive into what might be the busiest month of the year: August! Remember to click the titles for the trailers.

Why It's Worth Seeing: The buzz and good word of mouth coming from everyone who is working on this film has been nothing short of fantastic and early reviews indicate that Marvel might have knocked it out of the park. If the film makes tons of money, it very well could be R.I.P. DC cinematic universe. Seriously, how does Rocket Raccoon have a film before The Flash, Green Arrow, or Wonder Woman?
What Could Go Wrong: At this point, I honestly don't know. It's the last film before the very anticipated Avengers sequel, the first original property in the MCU since the last Avengers film (and if we are talking about new heroes, since the first Captain America) and I just have a great feeling about this one. Maybe some little things will go awry here and there, but other than that I don't see any big issues.

Why It's Worth Seeing: Whereas Jersey Boys fell flat on its face into the never-realm of mediocrity earlier this year, something shines about Get on Up. And I think that something is Chadwick Boseman. He proved himself mightily capable in 42 and he looks to be onto something special here. This film seems centered around the music while also having a firm grasp on the star's tough life. Something that Jersey Boys sorely lacked.
What Could Go Wrong: If the musical numbers don't pop, these types of films tend to become dull and lifeless. There should also be a good balance of story telling where it tells about the majority of James Browns' life, not just a section. That was one of 42's biggest faults is that it only focused on a couple years of Jackie Robinson's life.

Why It's Worth Seeing: I'm a sucker for natural disaster flicks, especially if they can keep the tension up for most of the run time. There hasn't been a good tornado film since Twister which was a LONG time ago.
What Could Go Wrong: Don't let the above picture fool you, the special effects in the trailers range from impressive to downright laughable. If I don't believe there is a tornado on screen, the movie loses any sort of effectiveness. Also, I hate when these films get too long. 90 minutes is my desired runtime for this genre. Anything greater and the film is usually dragging.

Why It's Worth Seeing: There is a possibility, albeit a slight one, that this could be something special. It really has to nail the humor and feel of the franchise. If it can please age-old fans and invite new ones, look for it to be a hit.
What Could Go Wrong: I have my reservations about the film. For starters, Michael Bay is the producer. And while I usually think he gets too much grief, I worry that his hyper-editing style of action scenes will leak into the film. Also, the film has the tough pleasure of featuring motion capture characters after Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has already released. Audiences expect a certain level now and I don't think that this film is quite on par.

Why It's Worth Seeing: The chemistry of the leads should provide some real laughs. Straight from the TV show New Girl, these two partnered up to do this film and the trailers extract some genuine chuckles. If the script is strong this could be the surprise comedy hit of the year.
What Could Go Wrong: Like most comedies, the trailers could be giving up the funniest parts of the movie and the rest of it could suck. I pray that isn't the case for this one because it has a hilarious premise.

Why It's Worth Seeing: I wasn't the biggest fan of the first Expendables film as I thought that it didn't take any advantage of the stars it contained. Expendables 2 on the other hand, I adored and had a blast with. For me it was an R-rated Avengers. If Expendables 3 can make good use of its new cast mates and keep the humor/great action from the last film, it could be tons of fun.
What Could Go Wrong: The rating drop to PG-13 worries me a bit. With the stars featured in this film, nothing but an R-rating seems appropriate. Additionally, some of the newer additions baffle me when there are so many stronger options out there, some of which have been vocalized by the stars themselves. Where's Neeson, Brosnan, Sutherland, etc?

Why It's Worth Seeing: I'll admit, I don't remember a single thing about the book from when I read it in high school I hope to re-read it before the film to familiarize myself with the story, but that is dependent as to whether or not I finish the Game of Thrones book that I'm in the middle of. To me, the film looks like a strong take on the novel and the trailer paints an interesting aspect of the film's black and white scenes and its ones full of color.
What Could Go Wrong: Many fans of the novel are crying foul (again I don't remember the book at all) and despite the stellar cast, if the film doesn't tell the right version of the novel, it will anger people.

Why It's Worth Seeing: It should be noted that there are several other films coming out this weekend such as: If I Stay, The Prince, and When the Game Stands Tall. But let's be honest, after all these years, Sin City is the only one that I care about. The first was a fantastic, gory, shocking, beautiful comic book come to life. Looking back it had a pretty large effect on the industry, specifically the R-rated comic book genre. The sequel looks to continue the first's influence with an intriguing, interwoven story, plenty of gore, and a cast to die for.
What Could Go Wrong: The first was pretty confusing at times so I'm hoping that this one is easier to follow. Also, I hope that the plot is worthwhile and that there is actually development in the world's overall story from beginning to end.

Why It's Worth Seeing: Do you think your eyes are deceiving you? Nope. That's Pierce Brosnan in a brand new spy role. Nuff' said.
What Could Go Wrong: Once the novelty of seeing Brosnan kick butt wears off, the film needs to have a strong, interesting story of espionage. If the action and story are both duds, then it seems like Pierce wasted his time. Plus, the movie isn't even coming out in November!! Gees guys!

Why It's Worth Seeing: The premise really has me interested. A group of students travels to the catacombs of France (a very real place) to conduct research...or something. The location is highly unique and could help the film along more than it deserves.
What Could Go Wrong: The usual horror issues. I worry about this one feeling confined though. Not just because of the claustrophobic nature of the catacombs themselves but more so in the lack of plot and options that the kids have to fight back/escape. If there is no chance of their survival, then what's the point?

Must See (in order): Guardians of the Galaxy, Get on Up, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, The Expendables 3
On My Radar: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Let's Be Cops, The Giver, The November Man, As Above So Below
Predicted Duds: Into the Storm

MAN! What a busy month August is shaping up to be, and that list is even without some major films included. I can't wait to see how it all pans out! As always, be sure to come on over and follow me through Blogger at RATH'S REVIEWS and like me on Facebook HERE! I follow-for-follow 100%. Thanks again! 

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