Top 100 Movies of All-Time is Coming Soon

After hours of work, it is about to arrive. What is about to arrive you might ask? Well, if you read the title, you already know, and I sound like an idiot trying to drag out the suspense that is not actually there, but it is coming.
And no Sean Bean, Winter is not coming, but rather my completely new and revamped Top 100 Movies of All-Time! Since the posting my original Top 100 Movies list, I have seen many new movies to add to the list ranging from recent releases, to classics that I watched for the first time, to anime films. In addition, quite a few films that I had once thought worthy of making the list have fallen upon subsequent viewings, and the placing of other films have drastically changed. Starting tomorrow, I will start posting my Top 100 Movies in multiple parts with new writing about the returning picks, and a completely new look that is far superior to the dull posters that I previously used. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the list, and hopefully I can actually get two or more a week out on time. After my Top 100 Movies, my Top 50 Shows are my next endeavour, which ultimately failed the first time I tried posting them.

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