Star Wars Ep. 7 Delayed?

Star Wars Episode 7 is reported to be delayed past its set December 2015 release date! A couple of weeks ago Harrison Ford was reported to have injured his ankle. Later reports stated that Ford actually broken leg his leg! Since Han Solo is said to play an important role in the film, Harrison Ford's injury could end up delaying the entire film! Wow, this is terrible news. While nothing is official, according to an article from, Ford's recovery could take up to six months! Disney is reportedly adamant about the December release date and writing Ford out of the script is, thankfully, not going to happen. Maybe this delay is going to Force Episode 7 to be released in Star Wars’ usual summer season. Hopefully, Abrams and company will be able to get everything worked without affecting the quality of the film and Ford's health. What are your thoughts on the possible Star Wars delay? Please comment below and let me know.

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