Attack on Titan: Episode 5 Review

Attack on Titan episode five, aka the most shocking thing I have seen in a very long time.
*Major Spoilers Ahead*
Wow, just wow.... Seriously, that was one heck of an amazing episode! After the ending of the previous episode teasing a giant battle, this episode delivered a lot more than I had ever expected. Please remember, this is a spoiler heavy review; turn back now while you still can if you have not seen the episode. 
At first, Eren attacks the Colossal Titan, and when he attacks, it appears to show intelligence by destroying the cannons. After Eren tries to take it down, the Titan disappears, which explains how the sentries did not see it coming. My guess is that it has something to do with Eren's father and that key, but we shall see. During the episode, there is a flashback to Eren being taught that the only weak spot on a Titan is the back of the neck. Also, the teacher explains that Titans do not require humans, or anything for that matter, for food, and that no one is certain if the Titans have intelligence. Other information given is that they do not communication; the Titans are nearly invincible unless you hit them in the neck, and that they do not have a means of reproduction. So then, where do the Titans come from? Unfortunately, I think I might know the answer due to spoilers, but hopefully I am wrong.
Later on, there is another scene with an aristocrat of some kind playing chess with a general. It provides an insight into the inner politics of the world, although the scene seemed a bit unnecessary, but it will likely impact later episodes. 
Before the big battle, Mikasa sent to an elite platoon from Eren, and Eren headbutts her and tells her to go. That was the only scene where the animation looked a little odd since it did not look like they actually collided.    
Towards the end of the episode, Eren, Armin, and the others are sent out to attack the Titans head on. Somehow, episode five packed more intensity, action, and shock value in the last five minutes of the episode than the most other series do in their entire run! Seriously, the last five minutes managed to pack so much epicness that I thought it was going to end at any point, yet it kept going! As for what happened in the last five minutes, everyone died! Well, almost everyone. I knew AOT was infamous for its lack of character plot-armor, but that is an understatement. The three others with Eren and Armin are quickly dispatched by the Titans. When Armin was being eaten and the episode went to a flashback talking about the outside world, I kept thinking: "You better not freaking end with a freaking flashback!" Then, going back to the present, Eren holds open the jaws of the Titan and saves Armin right before he is swallowed. As for what happened to Eren, he lost a leg and an arm! And he was swallowed by a Titan! He is the main character and that he does not die, at least not yet, but how is he going to get out of this one!? And how is he going to kill all of the Titans without an arm and leg!? He better call up Winry Rockbell for some automail (Fullmetal Alchemist reference). Without his extremities, he reminds me of another shounen protagonist, Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, who also happens to be one of my favorites (reviews for both Fullmetal Alchemist series coming soon). 
Seriously though, what is going to happen to Eren!? I already know a few too many possible spoilers, but the next episode is going to have to do something really smart not to fall into the deus ex machina plot device. During the episode, while everyone was dying, I gasped in shock, and after the episode, I was utterly speechless. I just sat there is my mouth to the floor in awe for a few minutes. Not since Code Geass have I been so utterly shocked! Also, the animation is pure awesomesauce. 99.99% of the time, 3D and 2D do not blend, but this is the exception because the action scenes are mind blowing!

Overall: 9.7/10- A part of me wants to give the episode a 10/10 since it is undoubtedly the best Attack on Titan has yet to offer, and one of the best episodes ever, but I want to leave some room for improvement in the later episodes, and there was one or two incredibly minor elements that were not perfect.

Note: Since writing this review, I have seen all the way up to episode 13 of Attack on Titan (the Trost arc), so if you want to say something about what happens later, that is fine. Even though I have seen the later episodes, I will continue to post Attack on Titan episode reviews every week.
This Gif is utterly amazing, providing it does freeze up.

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