The Flash TV Series Trailer

The Flash, DC comics' classic speedster is finally getting his own TV series, again. After the relative success of Arrow, The CW is launching another DC comics series set in the same universe as Arrow. Even though I have not seen Arrow yet, this Flash series interests me. The series revolves around Barry Allen, the second and most commonly known character to be the Flash, although in this universe he is obviously the first. The Flash’s powers are somewhat self-explanatory; he can run really, really fast. Grant Gustin plays the Flash, and he reminds me of a discount Andrew Garfield. With the Justice League movie right around the corner, will there be two Flashes? One on TV and another in the movies. According to sources, the likelihood of the Arrow DC universe crossing-over into Sndyer’s Man of Steel DC universe is virtually zero. Also, neither Arrow nor the Flash will have anything to do with Fox's Gotham and NBC's Constantine, which are both based on DC properties. While the special effects are certainly low budget TV effects, they are not that bad, and providing the story is fun enough, I will likely give the series a watch. Also, comic fans should notice the reference to Ferris Aircrafts Company, who is a major part of the Green Lantern comics. For a bit of Flash history, back in the 90s, the Flash had a short lived series that accumulated a cult following, although it only lasted one season. As for Arrow, I hope to get that one free month of Netflix and marathon Arrow, so that I will be caught up with the series by the time season three rolls around. What do you think of this Flash trailer? Please comment below and let me know.

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