Blog Better with Microsoft - Halloween Edition

Hey, haven't been updating my blog for eons. Probably, not THAT long but you get what I mean.

Although Halloween is looooong over, here is the only one Halloween party I attended this year. The rest have to be rejected due to my work commitments. Sorry guys!

The folks at Microsoft Singapore took great length to make it a cozy Halloween party. The photos you see here are theirs or by my friend Guo Qiang! Why didn't I take any photos? Forgetful me left my camera back at home. :(

With the recent launch of Windows 8.1, the bloggers are briefed of the latest changes to Microsoft's Windows Operating System. This includes the revival of the ever favorite Start Button! Okay, don't let that overshadow the other new features of Windows 8.1, including the new sizes of tiles that you can place on your Start screen or change it to boot into Desktop mode.

What is a party without games and prizes? The organizers are quick to think of a game that ties in nicely with the new Fresh Paint app, available in Windows 8.1! Pictionary! I draw, you guess! Four themes for the night - confectionery, horror movies, comedy and famous characters. In the end, my group did not walk away with the prizes but we had a great deal of fun!

We also have a chance to play around with the latest devices from a number of manufacturers! Product photos here credit Guo Qiang!
Oh yar, did you see my post on the new Internet Explorer 11 (with a bit more of cuteness with the InternetExplorer-Tan)? If you have not seen it, go read it! Support local production! (:

It was really great to see familar bloggers friends and make new friends at the party! And thanks to Microsoft Singapore of the party!

(Photos credit Microsoft Singapore unless otherwise credited)

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