DLC review: Mass Effect - Bring Down the Sky

A ruthless group of Batarians have strapped rocket engines to an asteroid and have redirected its course, intent on wiping out a human colony and making a statement to the Citadel Council about the Batarian's role in the galaxy.  But the Batarians didn't count on Commander Shepard and company intervening.  Perhaps the most well-rounded sidequest mission in Mass Effect, the Bring Down the Sky DLC is short, sweet, and to-the-point.

Shepard's team will traverse the surface of the asteroid in the Mako, stopping at each engine control station to take out the rogue Batarian troops and stop the propulsion.  There are a few dialogue option sequences, wherein Shepard can convince one of the Batarian squad leaders to leave without a fight and initiate a secondary quest search for the remaining scientists stationed on the asteroid prior to the Batarian takeover.  Most of this DLC requires a traditional combat approach, though one portion requires Shepard to carefully navigate through a mine field on foot.

The experience isn't substantial enough to make it as memorable as any of the main story missions, but it's still enjoyable for what it's worth.  The dialogue between Shepard, the science team, and the Batarian leader is well-scripted, considering the mission takes less than an hour to complete, and it's nice to see BioWare expanding their universe just a bit more through the inclusion of this new alien race.  If you find yourself bored with the limited exploration on the default uncharted worlds of the main game, this more linear DLC may prove a satisfying (if not brief) distraction.

My rating: 7 (out of 10)* 

*(rating applies solely to downloadable content, not its inclusion with the content on the original game disc or other downloadable content)

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