Top 5 moments that best put the 'evil' in Resident Evil 6

A lot of sinister things have been done over the years in the Resident Evil games. It's really no surprsise - I mean, the series has 'evil' in its name. Sure, exposing people to a virus that turns them into a mindless horde of flesh-eaters is pretty bad behavior. But abominations like the Hunters and Novistadors and truly vile; don't even get me started on Wesker and his little Uroboros pet project. This list is a compilation of the five moments I found best put the 'evil' in Resident Evil 6. Be warned: this list is filled with spoilers, so if you don't want your RE6 experience ruined, play through the game first and then come back to compare notes with me.

#5 - Zombies with guns: Don't get me wrong, I loved the way in which the J'avo were implemented into Resident Evil 6. Having squads of tactical and organized zombies is great, and the fact that they are stronger than run-of-the-mill infected makes for much more interesting (as well as tense) combat. But seriously, who was the idiot at Neo Umbrella that thought it would be a good idea to give zombies guns? They weren't dangerous enough with the whole flesh-eating routine? Not to mention that their body parts mutate into some heavy and quite practical weaponry.

#4 - Pong torture game: Just before Chris and Leon have their standoff over (impostor Ada Wong) Carla Radame's fate, the two find themselves in a security room, their identities protected thanks to a wall that runs down the center of it. But there are small gaps at the foot of the wall that allow small electronic discs to slide back and forth. When Carla activates these, the two heroes and their respective companions must shoot the discs back to the other room, not knowing who they are harming in the process. It's like Saw with Japanese vacuum robots that explode.

#3 - Chris's team dies: After aiding Carla, Chris and Piers discover she has an agenda all her own. This revelation comes too late, unfortunately, as she injects all of the team members into Chrysalis enemies. Racked with guilt over what happened that day - or more specifically, the fact that he could not keep his promise to rookie Finn that everyone would make it home in one piece - Chris becomes an alcoholic who wanders from one bar to the next. He completely forgets his role as commander of a BSAA squad until Piers manages to find him and drag him back to the battlefield.

#2 - Chris' team dies... again: As if the first time wasn't bad enough, Chris Redfield's team that is sent into China is picked off one by one - this time at the hands of a giant invisible snake. Basically, Capcom took the idea of Yawn from the original Resident Evil, made him much meaner and scarier, and gave him the ability to turn invisible. All of this makes for one of the most intense segments in the entire game, as you never know where the snake is going to pop out from next.

#1 - Everything that Simmons does: Though I don't much care for Simmons as a character, I have to admit, his actions are downright nefarious. He tests the C-virus on Helena's sister, coerces her into helping unleash it on the population of Tall Oaks, forces Leon to kill the President of the United States, ends up making Helena fight her sister, sets both Leon and Helena up as prime suspects in unleashing the virus, watches as the Chinese populous descends into chaos, mutates into a number of animal forms before turning into a giant fly and feeding off lesser zombies, before finally kicking the bucket. He's no Albert Wesker, but damn if Simmons didn't try to follow in his footsteps.

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