Pokémon Black 2 journal - entry two

Even though the different wild Pokémon I’ve run into at this point has been relatively limited to a small pool, the types I’ve been able to gather have made for a very well-rounded team. I’ve had a few team members evolve, and added a couple of new Pokémon to my rotation. I am still testing the waters with Zorua and getting a feel for the way he handles. Meanwhile, I swapped out Venipede for Genesect. When I purchased White version, Victini was available for download, though I hardly used him because I wanted my initial playthrough to be exactly as Nintendo intended it to be. With Genesect, however, I am keeping him a few levels lower than the rest of my party to maintain a decent balance. His dual bug and steel types are rather interesting, and his attacks (while severely limited by PP) cover a solid range.

The challenge presented by the gym battles is better in Black 2 than in White, in my opinion. Elesa’s team is still frustrating as ever, what with their constant spamming of Volt Switch. But Clay’s gym proved one of the largest yet, and the challengers therein had a nice variety of Pokémon (even if they were all ground types). The World Tournament seems like a really cool idea – almost like a variation of Pokémon Stadium for this handheld game. My first experience with it was quite positive, though I think I will find it even more enjoyable once I have access to battles with gym leaders from regions outside Unova.

While the story is still gradually unfolding, it has struck me with a few unexpected twists. While my rival’s motives for tracking down Team Plasma were predictable, the behavior of Team Plasma itself has struck me as very intriguing. I think it’s pretty cool that so many people in Unova mention both the protagonist from Black/White and N. Their presence is felt, even though I haven’t actually seen either one of them in-game yet, and in that regard Black 2 feels like a real sequel to the previous adventure in the Unova region.

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