Group Member Targetting

Group Member Targetting

Very simple plugin I thought up.

Allow a targetting system for all members with a specified admin flag. This can be used fairly well for targeting all admins or all donators of your server(s). Just made this to give easier access to admins to target an entire group of players.

This does not ignore admin immunity.

CVar's (Defaults):

sm_gtarget_version "1.0.0" ~ Group Member Targeting Version

sm_gtarget_enabled "1" ~ Enable Group Member Targeting

sm_gtarget_group "@members" ~ Name of targeting group. (Suggested to use @ symbol)

Flag Overrides:

"sm_targetgroup" "" //Required admin flag to be considered apart of targeting group.

Version Log:


Version 1.0.0 - 7/6/2012

* Initial Release.

See my other plugins.

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