[CSS] SoccerJam: Source (v0.7.2, 2012-07-04)


The idea and some details is taken from SoccerJam for CS 1.6 by OneEyed, but there are some changes.

This is a soccer-like mod, teams need to score goals. All players are given a certain number of credits, that they must use to upgrade (Stamina, Strength, Agility, Dexterity and Disarm).

There are two game modes: public and match.

public: winning team, scoring a certain number of goals

match: teams play two halves, the winner is the team that scores more goals. If a draw, then played to the first OT goal.

Note: for a normal game the team must be at least 3x3 and more.


R (cmd sj_menu) = Upgrade menu

Shift+D (cmd sj_curveright) = Curve ball right

Shift+A (cmd sj_curveleft) = Curve ball right

E = kick ball

G = Turbo for 5 seconds

Jump+A/ Jump+D = long jump


sj_ball_holder_speed_multiplier - Ball holder speed multiplier

sj_ball_respawn_time - Time after which the ball respawn (if no ball holder)

sj_ball_spawn_always_center - if 0, ball spawn always in center of death zone of team that conceded goal

sj_credits - Max credits for upgrades

sj_death_zone_radius - Radius of death zone that does damage to enemy

sj_fight_radius - The possibility of attack players:

1 = Everyone can attack all

0 = Possible only attack ball holder, ball holder can attack all

> 0 = Radius around the ball, where everyone can attack each

sj_half_duration - Duration of half in minutes (for match mode)

sj_match_mode_default Default Game Mode. (0=Public Mode, 1=Match Mode)

sj_players_in_team - Number of players per team (for match mode)

sj_prepare_time - Delay the start of the first, second time and OT in seconds

sj_score - Scores needed to win a game in Public Mode

sj_team_name_blue - Name of blue team

sj_team_name_red - Name of red team

Admin Commands:

sj_admin - Displays SoccerJam admin menu

sj_set_team_name_blue <name> - set blue team name

sj_set_team_name_red <name> - set red team name


For the work properly the mod, map must contain entities with the following names:

sj_ballspawn - Main ball spawn. Must be exactly in the middle between goals.

sj_goal_red - Goal of red team

sj_goal_blue - Goal of blue team

sj_death_zone_red - Center of red team's death zone

sj_death_zone_blue - Center of blue team's death zone

This post is attached test map with source. Some maps can be found here: http://gamebanana.com/css/maps/cats/5263

Manual Install Instructions:

copy "addons" and "cfg" folders from archive in the root directory of the game (cstrike).


SourceMod 1.4+

SDK Hooks

(to compile, you need smlib by berni)


in config file "./cfg/sourcemod/soccerjam/custom.cfg" you can change some models and sounds.

in file "./cfg/sourcemod/soccerjam/downloads.txt" you can specify files to download (one per line)

main config file "./cfg/sourcemod/soccerjam.cfg" will be generated after the first run plug-in.


* to consider suggestions players

* fix bugs, if there are still

* support for CS:GO?


2012-06-04 (v0.7.2)

* Initial release.

Test Server:

I make a mistake in English, please correct if you notice

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