Hey guys,

In the spirit of the CS:GO beta, I decided to develop something. Now before I get to the good stuff, I know what you're going to say: KyleS already has a VIP mod! And it's got more bells and whistles than this one! This plugin is meant specifically for CS:GO, NOT for CSS (though it would probably work in CS:S as well, I'd recommend using KyleS's version in this case)

Here it goes...


GO:VIP is a simple VIP mode. At the beginning of each round, a random Counter-Terrorist will become the VIP. It is up to the rest of the Counter-Terrorists to escort the VIP safely to one of the rescue zones on the map. It is up to the Terrorists to kill the VIP before he is able to escape. The VIP is equipped with only a pistol with limited ammo and a knife.


- SDK Hooks (CS:GO Build): http://users.alliedmods.net/~psychon.../sdkhooks/2.2/


Each map may have multiple rescue zones. There are two ways to add rescue zones to maps.


1. Create a file with the following contents at addons/sourcemod/configs/rescue_zones.cfg:






                "Rescue Zone"


                        "coords" "-1791.968750 3521.518555 65.151741"






                "Rescue Zone"


                        "coords" "859.654541 2377.340332 192.093811"

                        "radius" "250"




Use the console command getpos at any time when in game to get the coords of where you are currently standing.


If you are actually building the map yourself, you can tie a "trigger" brush entity to trigger_multiple and prefix it's name with "vip_rescue_zone" (ex: vip_rescue_zone, vip_rescue_zone_1, or vip_rescue_zone_a all will work)

This method is tougher but allows for more precision with the bounding box.


govip_min_ct (default: 2) - Minimum number of CTs to play GOVIP

govip_min_t (default: 1) - Minimum number of Ts to play GOVIP

govip_weapon (default: weapon_p250) - Weapon given to VIP


0. Install required extension: http://users.alliedmods.net/~psychon.../sdkhooks/2.2/

1. Copy govip.smx into addons/sourcemod/plugins.

2. Optional but recommended, copy rescue_zones.cfg int addons/sourcemod/configs and tweak it to add additional map support.

3. Restart your server.


1. Currently, CS_SetTeamScore() isn't working.

2. Sometimes bots ignore weapon restriction hook.

3. Money isn't being awarded to the winning team.


1. Right now it's kinda hard to spot your target. We need a specific (ideally custom) model for the VIP.

2. Maps, maps, maps. I'll try to port some CS:S versions (using BSPZIP I should be able to embed all the textures, sounds, etc)

3. More default rescue zones for the configuration.



KyleS - His CS:S VIP plugin.

psychonic - Awesome SDK Hooks support!

SM Devs - Quick CS:GO support!

Dr!fter - Helpful as always.

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