[Any] SourceIRC Achievement Relay

[Any] SourceIRC Achievement

Version 1.1.0

(Requires SourceIRC)


Announces achievement events to IRC with name and description.


A Few Seconds Later...


sm_reload_achievement_relay - Reloads configs


  • sm_achievementrelay_version - Plugin Version

  • sm_achrelay_debug "0" - Set to "1" to print debugging info.

  • sm_achrelay_timestamp "1" - Show/hide timestamps

  • sm_achrelay_timeoffset "0" - Seconds to change timestamp by

Install Instructions:

  1. Match up the structure of the zip with your server's sourcemod folder.

This plugin supports any game that makes use of the achievement_earned event.

Achievements are indexed in the achievements.kv file. The copy included has data for TF2.

If people want to forward me index files for other games, I will add them to this post. However I probably will not create them myself.

This plugin will post messages to channels tagged with "achievements". See example:

sourceirc.cfg Example:




                "relay"            "1" // Tell the RelayAll module to relay messages to this channel

                "cmd_prefix"    "!" // Ontop of calling the bot by name, you can also use "!" in this channel

                "items"            "1"




                "ticket"        "1" // Tell the ticket module to send tickets to this channel

                "achievements"            "1"  // Prints all achievements to this channel




                "achievements"            "1"  // Prints all achievements to this channel


Version History:

  • V1.1.0
    • Initial release

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