[ANY] Player Report 1.0

Pretty simple.

Anyone can say /report (or sm_report in console) to report a player, for cheating, spamming, being a bully, etc. Once reported, all connected admins are informed of who made the report, who it's against, and for what reason. This same information is also printed to a log.

Cvar sm_playerreport_delay (def. 30.0) determines how long clients have to wait before reporting again.

Reports are logged to addons/sourcemod/configs/playerreport_logs.txt...although they should probably be written to the logs folder instead, but that folder's fulla logs and stuff, it'd be hard to find IMO.

Also, that "ReadConfig" stock might seem familiar, because it's hacked together based on the similar stock in Funcommands X's Happy command.

playerreport_reasons.txt goes into addons/sourcemod/configs; it's a list of reporting reasons that your players can pick. By default, it contains all the same reasons that sm_ban does if you used it from the adminmenu.

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