[TF2] Projectile Particles

[TF2] Projectile Particles

Version 1.0.0

Attaches particle effects to a configurable list of projectiles.

  • sm_particles | Toggles an individual's particle effects on/off | Default Flag: NONE (PUBLIC)

  • sm_projectileparticles_reload | Reloads the config file (see below) | Default Flag: CONFIG (I)

  • sm_projectileparticles_version | Plugin version. Do not edit.

  • sm_projectileparticles_enabled | 0 = Disable plugin, 1 = Enable plugin | Default Value: 1

  • sm_projectileparticles_clientdefault | 0 = Turned off for clients by default, 1 = Turned on | Default Value: 1

  • sm_projectileparticles_mode | 1 = All players, 2 = Admins with correct flag | Default Value: 2

  • sm_projectileparticles_adminflag | Admin flag to use if above mode is set to 2 | Default Value: b

Config File:
The plugin reads the config file at addons/sourcemod/data/projectile_particles.cfg for a list of particles to attach - the structure of which is below. This example adds a blue trail to syringes and beams to huntsman arrows, and is also used in the sample file attached to the bottom of this post.




        "Particle" "superrare_beams1"

        "Clusters" "1"




        "Particle" "coin_large_blue"

        "Clusters" "2"


Config File Usage:
You may use keywords Particle/Particles and Cluster/Clusters, the latter being the number of groups of particles to use. You may also specify multiple particles separated with a comma, and zero whitespace, e.g. "coin_blue,critical_grenade_red_extra"

You may find a list of possible particles and projectiles below in the second post.

Place ProjectileParticles.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins folder.

Create your own custom config file (addons/sourcemod/data/projectile_particles.cfg) or use the one below as a basis.

This plugin requires SDKHooks to operate.

Attached Files

File Type: smx

ProjectileParticles.smx (7.7 KB)

File Type: sp

Get Plugin or
Get Source (ProjectileParticles.sp - 9.5 KB)

File Type: cfg

projectile_particles.cfg (155 Bytes)

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