[TF2] HordeMod (v1.0, 6-14-12)

[TF2] HordeMod

You and your team(red) must defend a single Control Point from being captured by a horde of bots. Every 30 seconds, another bot gets added to the game. Inspired by this lovely map made by DomenicoFTW. It also my very first sourcemod plugin.

Cvar/Command List

Hoardemod_enabled(Default: 1) Whats the point of setting it to 0?

Hoardemod_bot_increment_rate(Default: 1) How many bots should be added per-round?

Hoardemod_heal_boost_offense(Default: 550) How much health should offensive-class players start with?

Hoardemod_heal_boost_defense(Default: 350) How much health should defensive-class player start with?

Hoardemod_heal_round_reset(Default: 0) Should the player regain the boosted health every round? (Note: If you have this enabled, keep the heal_boost variables low. Otherwise, you'll have a team of Saxton Hales killing thousands of bots for 5 minutes)

Hoardemod_effects_disabled(Deafult: 0) Should the plugin automatically add in the effects?

Hoardemod_offend_player <player> Applies offensive-class effects to the specified player

Hoardemod_defend_player <player> Applies defensive-class effects to the specified player



2012-6-14 (v1.0)

* Initial Release


Asherkin's TF2Items



  • Add some better "power-ups" for the Spy, Medic, and Sniper

  • Clean and optimize better

  • I know I misspelled "hordemod" everywhere in the code. That's because I've always thought that "hoard" was the same thing as "horde". I am NOT changing it.

  • I have included a map along with this plugin since it's a custom gamemode. It's the smae map I've used for testing

Video coming soon!

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