[TF2] Custom Chat Colors

[TF2] Custom Chat Colors



Give particular Steam IDs and admin flags custom chat colors. Supports any color you can imagine, or team color, green, and olive. This is a rewrite of Simple Chat Colors (Redux). Requires Simple Chat Processor. Complete documentation is in the config file.


sm_reloadccc - reloads colors for everyone on the server


custom_chat_colors_version - plugin version


Requires the Simple Chat Processor plugin.


This plugin fires the following forwards:

PHP Code:

forward Action:OnNameColor(client); // fired when the name is about to be colored and tagged
forward Action:OnChatColor(client); // fired when the chat message is about to be colored 

Return Plugin_Handled or Plugin_Stop to prevent changes, or Plugin_Continue or Plugin_Changed to allow changes. DO NOT START A NEW USERMESSAGE (i.e. PrintToChat, PrintToChatAll) WITHIN THESE FORWARDS.


Install Simple Chat Processor, put custom-chatcolors.smx into /addons/sourcemod/plugins, put custom-chatcolors.cfg into /addons/sourcemod/configs, and reboot your server or type "sm plugins load custom-chatcolors" into your console or rcon.

Auto Update:

Install Updater. The plugin will be autoupdated according to your Updater settings. It'll work without Updater.

  • v1.0.0 (6/2/12)
    • Initial release

Download Plugin (custom-chatcolors.smx)

Download Config File (custom-chatcolors.cfg)

Download Source (custom-chatcolors.sp) (right click > save as...)

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