[TF2] Be The Ghost

What is it?
Troll them all. Play as ghost and scare them out.
How it looks?
Screenshots: #1, #2, #3.
How to install?
Drag and drop!
How to use?
Run sm_betheghost or sm_btg command, they fly around and scare them all!

Press and hold +Attack or +Attack2 to walk through walls.
CVars & CMDs:

PHP Code:


sm_tf2btg_debug 1 
// enable/disable debug mode

sm_tf2btg_notify 2 // chat notifications. 2 - to everyone, 1 - to affected clients, 0 - no messages

sm_tf2btg_scary_delay 0.1 // scare checking delay (in seconds)

sm_tf2btg_scary_distance 240

sm_tf2btg_scary_duration 5 
// (in seconds)

sm_tf2btg_ghost_speed 200

// commands

sm_betheghost // generic admin by default. sm_betheghost_override to override 


Changelog: http://files.xpenia.org/sourcemod/tf2btg/

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