Pre-E3 trailer for Tomb Raider

Last year Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics showed off their vision for a new Tomb Raider. It featured a younger Lara Croft instead of the seasoned adventurer from the older games. This new trailer continues that theme with a look into the fear and anxiety Lara experiences as she and her party and trapped on an island and are kidnapped by some unknown group of people. While last year's reveal trailer made it seem as though this new Tomb Raider would be heavy on the action and adventure elements, this new gameplay trailer seems to imply that some survival-horror elements may also be at play. I love the environment designs shown thus far. I never played many of the older Tomb Raider games, but the atmosphere in this one really appeals to me. That said, I could do without the amount of screaming and crying that Lara exhibits here. I'll have to keep my eye on Tomb Raider it as more information is released.

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