[L4D2] Points w/Ghost Select (v1.0)

[L4D2] Points w/Ghost Select

This plugin is my latest iteration of a points-based buy menu.

It includes ghost select, many different team upgrades, personal purchases, and

new survivor player custom ammo types.

The best part is the menus are completely beginner-friendly and easy to navigate.

- This Points plugin was designed to be fairly simple to use and get rid of the junk that players either felt wasn't worth using, or wasn't used at all.

- Most weapons, at their core, are initially free for survivors. Some weapons (such as Tier 3) cost points, though.

- Respawns can be enabled/disabled in the config file, as well as the respawn queue, but like always, everything is completely configurable, should

server admins desire to make changes.

- Infected ghost changes are of course free, and can be done so through mouse keys (to switch back and forth) or through selecting your SI in

the purchase menu.

- Five new ammo types for survivors: Bloat, Blind, Slowmo, Spatial, and Bean Bag.

Ammo types can be stacked. For instance, you could put bean bag and slowmo ammo together. When the player is hit by the bean bag ammo, they

would, slowly, fly in a random direction. Realize there are cooldown periods (also configurable) for how long SI players are immune to each ammo type.

- Tanks cannot be affected by custom ammo types.

- Multiplier system for Survivors: The better a player (or team) performs, the more points they earn on top of the base point values of items (if enabled).

- Upgrading, Simplified! Special Infected can be fully upgraded, but unlike my rpg plugin, personal upgrades are removed. Instead, team upgrades

are used to upgrade all aspects of a Special Infected type, including Tanks.


Left 4 Downtown

Left 4 Loading

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Version 1.0

- Initial release. Please post bugs below, or contact me on steam.

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