[L4D2] Level-Based RPG, Save/Load/Preset Features! (v.3.3)

[L4D2] Level-Based RPG Plugin

With fully functioning save, load, and player preset (configuration) features, please be aware

that this plugin requires an active database, somewhere, to communicate with.

Check the photos below for visual information:






                "driver"                        "default"

                "host"                                ""

                "database"                        "rpg_rpg5"

                "user"                                ""

                "pass"                                ""

                "port"                                "3306"



Information about the Plugin

Players earn experience through killing zombies, helping teammates, completing events, etc., which

in turn levels them up.

Survivors have separate leveling for each weapon category:
  • Pistols

  • smg's

  • shotguns

  • assault rifles

  • sniper rifles

  • melee weapons.

On top of this, survivor max damage, total health, movement speed is based on their

Physical level, which earns experience for everything (essentially the cumulation of all other

survivor experiences).

Weapons in their respective categories deal more damage based on their level. The amount of

damage increase is configurable in the config file.

Special Ammo types' effectiveness' are increased based on the weapon they are attached to.

Only one type of special ammo can be attached to each weapon category at a time.

Infected have separate leveling for each infected class:
  • Hunter

  • Smoker

  • Boomer

  • Jockey

  • Charger

  • Spitter

  • Tank

Their Infected level represents the cumulation of all of these experiences. As with the physical level, it

determines total health, maximum movement speed, and damage bonus.

In a similar fashion to survivor weapon levels dealing increased damage, Infected class levels unlock abilities

at 4 different intervals, namely the Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 levels of the Special Infected, again, fully

configurable in the config file. However, the level of each individual SI further modifies damage bonus, speed

bonus, and health bonus.

Outside of the Tier 2, 3, and 4 states, there are two abilities that are unlocked at set levels;

  • Wall of Fire

  • Spawn Anywhere

Wall of Fire Creates a river of flame culminating around the infected player when they die, essentially

a molotov is dropped on your corpse. This feature can be toggled on/off for each of the 7 SI classes when

the player has it unlocked, through the rpg player customization menu.

Spawn Anywhere Allows the Infected player to spawn, even in areas where survivors can visibly see

them. The tank cannot use this ability.

Furthermore, server owners can customize how special infected look, in relation to model colour for each of

the different tier classes. By default, tier colours are as follows:

Tier 2: Blue

Tier 3: Green

Tier 4: Red

When a special infected unlocks a new Tier level, a new ability exclusive to that class is unlocked.

However, on top of these class-specific abilities, teams can purchase numerous team upgrades that last until

the end of the current round, which also add global and class-specific abilities, as well as modify common

infected behaviour.

Miscellaneous Information

The amount of experience players earn for killing other players or bot players is dependent on the difference

in the level of the attacker and defender, in order to penalize players who are much higher than other players

in level than they would be if they attacked players closer to their level.

This feature can also be tweaked or disabled completely in the settings.

The Special Infected Bots Level Up...

And their data is saved to the database. However, this feature can also be disabled in the settings.


This plugin was originally built to require Mr. Zero's Left 4 Loading plugin. It is required, and included.

Version Information


Version 3.3

-Way too many bugs to list have been patched. Suffice to say, this version is extremely stable.

-Redesigned the experience system.

When the experience requirement is met, experience in that category resets.

Players will therefore see only the experience progress of their current level, which keeps everything clean.

-Added several new abilities and purchases for both the Survivors and the Infected teams.

And it's too many new features to list them (so you'll need to play through it.)

-Cleaned and organized the menus and representation.

Version 3.2

-Fixed a bug that was causing the Tank cooldown period to not kick in when all tanks were defeated.

-Tank selection is given to the player who purchased the Tank, and can only be purchased in Ghost mode.

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