[L4D2] Gas Cans


This plugin increases the limit of gascans in the final maps c1m4 The Atrium and c6m3 The Passing


You can use GS plugin in VS and CO-OP gamemodes

GS plugin does not "break" Versus scoring system!

Console Variable

"l4d2_gascan_version", "L4D2 Gas Can plugin version"

"l4d2_gascan_enable", "1", "Enable / Disable plugin"

  • !gascanme - Create and save gascan to file by client origin

  • !gascans - Load all gascans from file

  • !gasinput - Toggle ON / OFF scavenge glows to all gascans

  • !teletoent - Developer cmd teleport to any entity

How to use

1. Place gascans where you need

2. Restart the map

3. Have fun!

How to continue with the last saved

You should load gascans from the file by !gascans command then u can continue create new cans

How to delete this mod

You can disable it with convar but plugin will still stimulate part of the vscript which is responsible for collecting cans.

That's why i highly recommend that you delete mod (vpk file and plugin) if you do not use it. Now this work will be to execute through Valve scripts and not via plugin


Mod consists of two parts plugin and addon one does not work without the other!

Put the l4d2_gascans.vpk file into your servers ...\left4dead2\addons

Compile source code and put the .smx file into your servers ...\left4dead2\addons\sourcemod\plugins


Some help for Russian speaking forum members u can find inside plugin

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