[L4D & L4D2] Fire Glow (1.0) [02-Jun-2012]

  • Creates a dynamic light where Molotovs, Gascans and Firework Crates burn.

  • The light flickers and fades in and out.

  • Maximum of 8 lights simultaneously. Recompile changing "define MAX_LIGHTS" value if you want more.

  • The games cvar inferno_flame_lifetime sets how long Molotovs, Gascans and Firework Crates burn for.

  • If you want to change, save sm_cvar inferno_flame_lifetime 15 to your servers cfgs\server.cfg.

  • 15 is the default value, but you can change. This plugin will adapt the light time.

  • irogue - For the request.

  • Dont Fear The Reaper - Testing and light fade idea.

  • bubbabyte - Found a major bug before release.

  • disawar1 - Helped testing.


Saved to l4d_fire_glow.cfg in your servers \cfg\sourcemod\ folder.

PHP Code:

// 0=Plugin off, 1=Plugin on.

l4d_fire_glow_allow "1"

// How far does the dynamic light illuminate the area.

l4d_fire_glow_distance "250.0"

// The light color for Firework Crate explosions. Three values between 0-255 separated by spaces. RGB Color255 - Red Green Blue.

l4d_fire_glow_fireworks "255 100 0"

// The light color for Molotov and Gascan fires. Three values between 0-255 separated by spaces. RGB Color255 - Red Green Blue.

l4d_fire_glow_inferno "255 25 0"

// Fire Glow plugin version.


  1. Put the SDKHooks include into your \addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\ folder.

  2. Put the plugins .sp file into your scripting folder and compile the plugin.

  • This plugin requires the SDKHooks extension.

DO NOT click 'Get Plugin' or it will fail to compile because this plugin requires SDKHooks!
  1. Download the .smx file and put into your servers \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ folder.

  2. This plugin was compiled with SDKHooks version 2.1.

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