[L4D & L4D2] Bot Sniper Rifle AI Fix


In Left 4 dead (2), if the survivor bots have sniper rifle and if the infecteds are close to them, they always fight with their pistols instead of their sniper rifle. These bots are useless because they often get incapacitated and they kill the least amount of infecteds.

This plugin prevents bots with sniper from switch to their pistols except if they don't have ammo or they are incapacitated. (It will not block switching to magnum or melee weapon.)



1.0 (2012-Jun-29)

- Initial release.


Download the l4d_bot_sniper_rifle_aifix.smx file and put into your \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ folder.


This plugin requires the SDKHooks extension. Therefore do not click "Get Plugin" because it will not work. You can download the compiled .smx file.

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