Download UCP 7.6 Anti Cheat

Download UCP

Full version anticheat. The best solution is to protect the server from unscrupulous players. 

ProductsVersionReleasedPlatformsFile    Size    Download

7.629.05.12Windows 32&64 Bit Windows 7, Vista and XPucpsetup.exe5.68 MBDownload Client Anti-Cheat UCP

7.629.05.12Windows Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD All OSucpserver.zip1.23 MBDownload server Anti-Cheat UCP

Download UCP for Ragnarok Online

Need copy to root game directory and start the game instead of the main module. 

ProductsVersionReleasedPlatformsFile    Size    Download

Client 32&64 Bit Windows 7, Vista and XPucp.exe1.76 MBDownload Client Anti-Cheat UCP

License agreement 
Ultra Core Protector is copyright so please study the license agreement very carefully. If you use Ultra Core Protector it means that you agree with the terms of this agreement. If you don't agree with the terms of the agreement, you have no right to install and use Ultra Core Protector. 

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